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I do not know what it is about this case, but it certainly seems to bring out the trolls. Blogs and website comment sections descend quickly into ugly disarray with unsubstantiated claims, accusations and insults flying back and forth.

Can we please try to keep this kind of behaviour off this website.I would hate to see repeated here the type comments left on the Smithsonian website comments section.

It's a cold case! Those directly involved are deceased. There is absolutely no reason to threaten anybody.

I think this case needs to come with a warning. Not only can it completely consume you and become an obsession, but it can also destroy you, and destroy your friendships with others.

26th November 2019.

I totally concur with the above statement and having been given the role of Admin I will do all I can to maintain a wiki free of trolls. In that regard, I have removed and banned the 'John Sandrrs' troll and am in the process of deleting all of the comments associated with that person either directly under that name or one of the numerous Vietnam based IP addresses that were being used by that person.

We hope that those interested in the Somerton Man case will feel more comfortable in this space knowing that any troll activity be it comments that are demeaning, denigrating, belittling or defamatory, will lead to instant and permanent banning from this wiki. Given certain recent events, we will immediately report any instance of stalking to the appropriate authorities for their follow up and action.

All that we ask is that commenters treat each other with respect and when necessary, agree to disagree. Everyone is entitled to their views and they are welcome to express them here. It is fine to ask questions of each other and hopefully get to a point of agreement.

Sounds all a bit tough but there is a responsibility for admins to do the best they can to prevent trolling and abuse either on this wiki or trolling of others elsewhere in the Somerton Man space.