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So what do we know about the man himself?

  • We know he was male
  • He was about 5 ft 11 inches (180 cm)
  • Regarding his ears, his cymba was bigger than his cavum. This is a characteristic possessed by only 1-2% of the Caucasian population.
  • He has attached rather than hanging earlobes.
  • He had grey/hazel eyes.
  • His hair was a mousy ginger colour, turning grey on the sides and behind the ears.
  • His hair was receding at the front.
  • His hairline did not have a widow's peak.
  • His hair was wavy and fairly coarse.
  • His age was estimated to be between 40 and 50.
  • He had size 8 shoes
  • His hands were large.
  • He was clean shaven.
  • He had broad square shoulders, with a narrower waist, and was physically fit.
  • He had well-developed high calf muscles.
  • His toes were wedged as if he had worn pointed shoes (perhaps riding boots)
  • Estimating from his height and build, his weight would be approximately in the 75 kg - 80 kg range (165 lbs - 176 lbs).
  • He was uncircumcised.
  • He was not particularly hairy
  • His teeth were natural, but he had 9 teeth missing from the top, and another 9 teeth missing from the bottom. Most of the missing teeth were back teeth.
  • Two of his missing teeth were lateral incisors. This is quite possibility due to genetic anodontia, ie. he didn't grow those teeth in the first place. It is unlikely that he lost these two teeth by decay or accident. This is supported by Dwyer's statement if one was talking to the Somerton man one would not notice missing teeth. He did not appear to wear a dental plate to compensate for his lack of rear teeth.
  • He had 3 pre-existing small scars on the inside of his left wrist. A one-inch curve scar on the inside of his left elbow. A one-inch scar (that had the appearance of a boil mark) on his upper left forearm.
  • He was a heavy smoker judging from the nicotine stains on his fingers
  • He had no tattoos.
  • If he wore glasses, he must have lost them at the same time as his hat and wallet.
  • We don't know if he was right or left handed. But the fact an unfinished cigarette was found on his right collar and that John Lyons observed him raising his right arm, is a probable indication of right handedness. But we cannot be totally certain.
  • There was mark on his left arm that was too faint to say for certain if it was a vaccination mark. Some people do not have pronounced vaccination marks. If he had served in the war (which is likely), he certainly would have been vaccinated.
  • Finger and toenails were clean and cared for.
  • His hands were soft and showed no sign of callouses or manual labour.
  • His feet showed no signs of callouses, showing he had the means to buy good quality shoes.
  • He wore his hair brushed back without a parting.
  • The clothes in his suitcase were well kept and tidy, though many of the clothes had their labels removed.
  • It is believed the Somerton man's last meal was a pasty, this was based on the presence of potato in his stomach.