The Cold War and Spies

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The Second World War was still fresh in everyone's mind, and the Cold War was in full swing. Everyone was spying on everyone else, and they all knew it.

According to ex Detective Sergeant Gerry Feltus, to his knowledge the State of South Australia was 'wall to wall spies'. Not surpirisin when you consider the hive of activity that South Australia had become in the race for an Atom Bomb. Maralinga is where much of the attention was focused as in 1948, that was the location being prepared for test explosions.

But there was much more than that happening and a lot closer to Adelaide, rocket engines, new fuels, and sophisticated electronics were all being developed in the State and much of it within 50 klms of Adelaide. Call back soon as we update the happenings in South Australia and gain an even broader view of Politics, Espionage and Intelligence activities throughout Australia.

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