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Tucked into the fob pocket of the Somerton man’s trousers was a small scrap of paper bearing the words Tamam Shud. Tamam Shud is Persian for 'It has Ended' or 'It is Finished'

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This was quickly recognized as being the final words of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. This was quite a popular book at the time. Some months later, a copy of the Rubaiyat surfaced from which “Tamam Shud” had been torn out. Tests were done on the slip of paper which proved that the slip of paper had been torn from the book. Reports vary as to whether or not the slip of paper perfectly fitted the hole left behind in the final page of the book. Len Brown insisted that the piece of paper fit perfectly the hole left behind. However the photo of the slip does not match the hole on the police photo.

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It has been suggested that the police photo is a mock-up, and not the original book. This would seem like a lot of effort to go to. I suspect that Len Brown's memory may be at fault and that he has been confused by what was reported by the media.