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Adelaide based Clive Turner discovered a small front-page paragraph about a man's body being found in a Hindley Street Hotel on the 14th December 1948. Two weeks to the day after the discovery of SMs body at Somerton. We worked on it together and Clive was able to get access to the Police file at SA Archives, it didn't contain much but it did have his last letter, as you will see it was a highly, almost too well, structured letter. There were a few unusual aspects to it, the date seemed odd and one phrase, in particular, stood out but I will deal with that in another comment.

The letter as found in the file was very faded, so we enhanced it and the contents were able to be transcribed. With some knowledge of codes and especially letter codes, the best approach was to pass the content through an acrostic decoder session. There are lots of codes around the place dealing with letters, books, and poems but this one was different. The handwriting was neat but the content was perhaps forced as in the man, Tibor Kaldor, may have been writing under duress in which case he would take the easiest code he could and that would be an acrostic.

The rules for acrostic codes and hybrids include:
Words or letters can be extracted from a poem or letter such as:
- Initial letter of a line
- Initial letter of a word
- Letters in the middle (mesostic)
- Last letters of a line (telestic)
- First and last letters in a word (acroleuton)
- Read from right
- Read from left

- Read from first to last line

- Read from last to first line

And more.

Here's the transcript of Tibor's last letter:

'Dear Sir
I am very sorry to cause some unavoidable inconvenience.

I have decided to end my life and have
taken an overdose of sleeping tablets. The reasons
do not matter, but you will understand that nobody
would take such a decision lightly. There was no
other way out.

I suppose the formalities will be fairly simple, and
I would like to ask you, as far as it rests with you, to see
that the following arrangements are observed.

I should like to leave my body to the University
for research or teaching purposes. If this is not possible
I should like to be cremated without any ceremony.
I leave my belongings to the Red Cross if something is
left after payment of expenses.

No notifications are necessary as I have no relatives
and have informed a friend in London myself. I
should be particularly grateful if you could prevent the
incident getting into the press as far as this is possible.

I am enclosing one pound for my hotel expenses
and 10/- sh for distribution to the chambermaid and
others to whom I may cause inconvenience.

Page 2.
I think this covers about everything. Once more
sincere apologies for the unpleasantness and best?
thanks for the trouble you are taking.

Yours Faithfully

T Kaldor

P.S. If you want to take any of my things
you are quite welcome. There is an inventory
of clothing articles in the bigger suitcase'

The transcribed content was passed through the decoding session, just the first paragraph of the two-page letter, it threw out a set of phrases and one word, DANETTA. The decoder used can be found here:


Please note that it is important to paste the first paragraph including the salutation into the decoder space provided in exactly the same format that it appears in the letter itself. See images here:

Decoder textbox format.png

The top image to the right shows the text box where you enter the relevant text, in this image we are showing the first paragraph from Tibor Kaldor's last letter in exactly the same format that it appears in the letter itself.

DANETTA decoder.png

The second image shows the output from the decoding exercise, you can clearly see the name 'DANETTA' highlighted in the output box.

We will add another page later that will show how the other phrases appeared following a second pass through the decoder.

However, rather than just take for granted what the decoder turned out and in order to be able to make manual checks of other examples of coded writing in the Somerton Man case, the first paragraph was examined in detail to see how the name DANETTA would have been formed. Bear in mind that this decoder has a limited range of functions, it can only decode the basic level of an Acrostic as in first letters of words but in various formats.

In this case it was the placement of words and the first letter in those words.  We were looking for a word that began with D with another word A then an N, an E, a T another T and one more A. and that needed to be in some kind of sequence.

As it turns out, there are two ways in which it could be done manually but I suspect the one we have used here is the simplest and most readily implemented.

Lastnote1 enhance.png

This is how the code worked:

                   Reading top line downwards first time

D Line 2, first letter in word 'Decided', the next word had to start with an A..

A Line 2 first letter in word 'And', the next word had to start with an N ...

N Line 4 first letter in word 'Nobody', the next word had to start with an E..

                   Reading top line down again

E Line 2 first letter in word 'End', the next word had to start with a T..

T Line 3 first letter in word 'tablets', the next word had to start with a T..

T line 3 first letter in word 'The', the last word had to start with an A..

A line 5 only letter in word A 'a'

And there we have the simply encoded-word DANETTA.

There is a question, just what was the purpose of the word DANETTA? Personally I think that in this case it two purposes, one was an authenticator, a way of telling someone who might read this letter that this was a genuine letter and secondly it may also have told them that hidden inside the words there could be another code, perhaps a simple letter code which we can cover in another page on this subject.

Whatever the case, finding this encoded word in TKs last letter tells us that this was the second man found poisoned in Adelaide within 2 weeks and the second such man to have a code found with or associated with him.

For those interested, we found the same encoded-word 'DANETTA' in both verse 70 as written to Alf Boxall and the Somerton Man code page. Both were written using a set, sequential pattern.

I subjected TK's last letter to a few different tests including UV and oblique lighting and that is another story as is Tibor's history.

Lastnote2 enhance.png

Lightened copy of TKs last letter included.

Page 2 of the letter here...

If you look closely, you will see traces of other letters and numbers written very faintly in the background of each page, some of that writing is probably an imprint from the first page of the letter.