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Suspected identities of the dead body

  • Bailey: The husband of Mrs P. Bailey of Mildura who went missing in August 1948.
  • Alf Boxall: The man Jestyn gave a copy of the Rubaiyat to when she worked in Sydney. Originally thought to be deceased until Alf was found alive and well. This possibility is ruled out. Apparently the police were so disappointed when they found Alf alive that it prompted Alf to dryly state that he had "upset their apple cart." He was born on April 16th, 1906, in Hammersmith, UK, and died in Narrabundah, ACT, Australia, on August 17, 1995. He married Dulcie Smith on November 16, 1937. Dulcie was born February 22nd, 1910, in Forbes, NSW, and died December 3, 1993, in Randwick NSW. They had three children. See the TAMAM SHUD blog
  • E. C. Johnson: A suspected name of the Somerton Man. Ruled out as Johnson checked himself into a Police station to declare he was alive.
  • T. Keane The name written on the tie and some of the other items in the suitcase. Nobody with the name was reported missing.
  • Titus Kean: An American born in 1918 claimed to be the dead man by E. C. Collins. Too young to be the Somerton man. Ruled out. Also Collins was not of reliable character.
  • Tommy Keane: The name of a ship hand suspected to be the owner of some items in the Somerton Man's briefcase. Oddly Keane was not locatable, but his fellow crew said the Somerton Man didn't look like him. This rules out Keane.
  • Thomas Lawrence Keane (Not 'Torance') Internet suggestion, Not the Somerton Man.
  • Keanic: In 1974, the SA Police received information that the body may have been a Bulgarian named Keanic. However, it seems there is no such surname as 'Keanic.
  • Jack Thomas McLean: McClean was a former boxer and then a seaman. This was dismissed because it turned out that McLean was a pipe smoker and not a cigarette smoker. Also there was no record of McClean as a seaman in the Merchant Marine Records.
  • Charles Mikkelson, A Norwegian. Would have been about 51 in 1948. The identity was suggested by an Adelaide woman who claimed to have met him 21 years earlier on Kangaroo Island.
  • John Edmund Thomas O'Sullivan: Suggested by Dan Botham
  • Tim Reed: In April 1949 the body was identified, by Harold Francis of Plympton, as a Swedish man, Tim Reed, who baled wheat at Thevenard. Police dismissed this.
  • Solomonson: A suspected surname of the Somerton Man. Most likely ruled out as the dead body was uncircumcised.
  • Carl Thompsen: A person claimed by Keith Waldemar Mangnoson to be the Somerton man. Thompsen and Mangnoson worked together in Remark in 1939.
  • Kliment Voroshilov: A famous Russian Marshal. This is ruled out as Voroshilov in fact died in 1969. Also he was 67 at the time the Somerton body was found, and hence too old.
  • Robert "Nugget" Walsh: A suspected identity of the Somerton man. Ruled out because Walsh was much older. Also the Somerton man's hands had no sign of manual labour. Walsh was a woodcutter.
  • Harry Kearns: Formerly of Kalgoorlie. who was last heard of in 1945 when he was working on the North Kalgoorlie mine.
  • R. E. Davis:  Two Darwin men claimed the body was that of R.E.Davis, who worked with as a clerk and typewriter mechanic.
  • HC Reynolds: In 2010 a seaman's ID card was handed in, the man in the photo on the card, a Mr HCReynolds bore a striking resemblance to the Somerton Man.
  • Alexander "Sandy" Sutherland
  • Ray Clark Suggested by a member of the public who had viewed the body, Clark had worked on the rocket range at Woomera.
  • Herbert Sarrogen Another name suggested by someone viewing the body.
  • T. W. Smith a sailor, he was 42 in 1948. He was missing and his wife was trying to locate him. Can be eliminated because he had a tattoo on his arm. The Somerton man had no tattoos.
  • Francois Lisner Originally suggested by Gordon Cramer. "Francois Lisner" was his stage name and his real name was "Thomas Lisner" who is known to have died in the 1990s.
  • Leonard Berry He was a member of the British Army and had left a suitcase at a hotel and arranged to pick it up at a later date, but had failed to do so. Ruled out because Berry was only 35 years old.
  • Sherbakov a missing soviet delegate (or one of their assistants) who went missing from the Lapstone conference. Both Sherbakov and Miss Bogotyreva have been traced, see Tamam Shud blog
  • J. Carlin A former customer of the John Bull Hotel, who had left a suitcase behind, the contents of which included papers with the words "Omar Khayyam" on.
  • Mr Harkness It has been suggested that the Somerton Man could be Jestyn's real biological father.
  • Pavel Ivanovich Fedosimov. A Russian diplomat and known spy who was last seen in New York in July 1948. There are no confirmed sightings of Fedosimov after that date. Fedosimov was a handler for Atom Spy Harry Gold and Klaus Fuchs. Fuchs was an ex-internee as was the man, Tibor Kaldor, who was found poisoned in a Hindley Street hotel 2 weeks after the finding of the body of the Somerton Man, See the Tamam Shud blog.