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His possessions

The following is based upon the Coronial Inquest report and it may not quite match what you can see in photographs from the 1978 ABC documentary:

In the suitcase:

  • Laundry bag with the name "Keane" written on it.
  • One pair of scissors in a sheath. (Identified as made by Joseph Rodgers and Sons of Sheffield - Available throughout Australia in early 1900's but in late 1930's mostly available in Tasmania - no adverts on Trove after 1939.)
  • One knife in a sheath (apparently a cut down table knife).
  • One stencil brush.
  • Two singlets, One singlet bearing the name "Kean" (without an "e" on the end) and one with the name torn out.
  • Four pairs of underpants (Two described as 'Normal type' two more as 'Jockey type').
  • One pair of trousers (with dry cleaning marks), with a 6d coin in the pocket. (Marco Productions Pty. Ltd. 583 Pacific Highway, St. Leonard's, NSW.)
  • One sports coat.
  • Two coat shirts one of them yellow. (Yellow shirt size M, Pelaco).
  • One shirt, without name tag.
  • Dressing gown and cord.
  • One pair of pyjamas.
  • One pair of slippers size 8.
  • Four ties one bearing the name T.Keane.
  • Six handkerchiefs.
  • One piece of light board.
  • Two coat hangers.
  • One cigarette lighter.(Identified as Australian made GREENANDCO - available 1948 in Sydney & Adelaide.)
  • One razor strop. Professor Cleland's notes say S.M.'s Razor Strop was manufactured in "Kent street, Sydney". Which means this was Australian made. T.V. O'Rourke, Binnie's Building, third floor, 530 Kent Street, Sydney. He was a long term occupant, described as a "Leather Merchant".
  • One razor.
  • One shaving brush.
  • One small screwdriver.
  • One toothbrush.
  • Toothpaste.
  • One glass dish.
  • One soap dish containing a hairpin
  • One front and back collar stud.
  • One brown button.
  • One teaspoon.
  • One broken pair of scissors.
  • Three safety pins.
  • One card of (Barbour's) waxed linen tan thread.
  • One needle
  • One tin of (Kiwi brand) tan boot polish.
  • Eight large envelopes, one small envelope.
  • Two airmail stickers.
  • One scarf.
  • One towel.
  • An unspecified number of pencils, mostly Royal Sovereign brand. Three pencils were H.
  • One rubber.
  • One piece of tinned zinc (possibly for stencilling?). 

On the body:

  • A railway ticket to Henley Beach (unused)
  • A bus ticket (88708)
  • 2 combs: a metal comb and a plastic comb
  • a handkerchief 
  • a part packet of 'Juicy Fruit' chewing gum
  • a box of Bryant and Mays matches (quarter full)
  • An Army Club Cigarettes packet containing 7 Kensitas brand cigarettes

His Clothes

  • Brown Fawn Trousers (Stamina' trousers made of 'Crusader' cloth. Crusader Cloth was a woollen fabric made by the Australia Woollen Mills in Marrickville, NSW)
  • White shirt with collar
  • A tie (red, white and blue)
  • A brown knitted pullover
  • A grey brown double breasted coat
  • Heavy knitted socks
  • Brown lace up shoes (clean and polished)
  • Jocky pants (slightly soiled)