Amongst the items found in the Somerton Man's pockets was an unused second-class train ticket from the city to nearby Henley Beach. It seems odd that the Somerton Man would purchase a ticket to Henley Beach and then get the bus to Somerton. Are there any conclusions we can draw from this? And why did he buy a single when it was only a few pence more to buy a return? Could this be an indication that he never planned on returning? Had he originally planned on committing suicide on Henley Beach and not Somerton Beach?


The other possibility is of course that he got the wrong 'Jetty Road'.

The map shows the station that the Somerton Man would have had to get off at if he had used his train ticket to Henley Beach. The Jetty Road at Henley Beach is about a 1.5 hour walk from the Jetty Road in Glenelg, which may well have been where the Somerton Man really wanted to get to. 

Perhaps when he asked at the train station and said he was after Jetty Road they simply gave him a ticket to Henley Beach, but when he asked a passer-by if he was on the right platform for Jetty Road, the person chatted to him and found that he really wanted to go to Glenelg and advised him to take a bus. Is it possible that this is why he bought the the train ticket? Was it an accident? Did he realised his mistake and catch the bus instead? One would have thought in those days if you made an innocent error like that you could take your ticket back and get a refund. I wonder why he didn't.