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These are the Somerton Mans Fingers prints, they were taken on Friday the 3rd of December by Police Photographer and Fingerprint expert Patrick James Durham. Mr Durham attended the City Mortuary along with Mounted Constable Knight. Together they performed the difficult task of obtaining the finger prints.

Taking the fingerprints of a corpse is not straight forward, particularly after rigor mortis has set in and the fingers are stiff. It can also be easy to get the deceased's left and right mixed up. I think it is within the realms of possibility that the Somerton Man's right hand was recorded as his left, and vice-versa.

His fingerprints could not be found on file, well no, I don't imagine that my fingerprints would be found on file either. I have never had them taken.

Anthony Elliot who is the nephew of the embalmer, Lawrence Elliot and a local funeral director owns the original fingerprint sheet of the dead man.He is also a Tamam Shud enthusiast who has studied the case,