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Are the Carl Webb claims valid or they another set of unsubstantiated claims in the ongoing Somerton Man Mystery? In the latest article, THE CARL WEBB SAGA written by Gordon Cramer of the TAMAMSHUD blog, you will find a comprehensive document that itemises the significant issues related to the voracity of the claim that Carl Webb was the Somerton Man. From hair samples, to dental charts and the making of the bust, the whole story is picked apart and presented as a factual and truthful account of the Carl Webb claims. NOTE. Further, new information on the Carl Webb Saga now available on the TAMAMSHUD blog, the article provides the evidence that supports the view that Carl Webb could not have been the Somerton Man, an intriguing read. Yet another twist to the story has emerged, it seems that there is a possibility that there was either a second plaster bust or someone had modified the original bust? All found here... You could also drop by the TomsByTwo blog for their latest updates..

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