Jestyn was born in Marrickville in 1921. She was raised in Mentone and had two brothers and two sisters. She obtained her intermediate high school certificate, but did not matriculate.

She started getting to know Prosper, around the age of 17 , however at this time he was married to his first wife Queenie. It appears that around this time (so 1938?) she had some sort of breakdown and left home. It seems she was harmed or abused in some way, and she sadly did not receive any validation from her family. She turned her back on her immediate family and stayed in nurses’ living quarters in a Victorian hospital and worked as a nurse orderly making beds and the like. Then around 1942 she moved to Campsie, Sydney, where she stayed with an uncle.

Is it possible that Jestyn was abused by a member of her own family? One of her uncles perhaps?

If so, is it possible that the Somerton Man was an abusive relative of Jestyn's, and acting entirely in self-defence, she kills him, and with help from Prosper disposes of the body on the beach?

How much do we know of Jestyn's uncles, brothers and cousins?