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Code Page

On another page, we were able to show that an Acrostic name DANETTA, was found in the last letter of Tibor Kaldor. As a result of that discovery, it was decided to examine the Code Page itself to see if an acrostic name occurred there.


The code page as such presents a different kind of challenge when looking for an acrostic name because of course there are no visible words. But an acrostic decoding method can still be applied using a simple formula based on 7 consecutuve numbers each of which directly relates to the position of a letter on a line.
In this case, as you can see in the image at the top of the page, we appear to have 5 lines including the so called crossed out line, line 2.
But, the reality is that there are 7 lines, each one beginning with the letter M as follows:








The reasoning behind this statement is that whoever wrote 

it commenced with the first line ending in D.

Next, he wrote the second line MLIAOI and then moved on to the third line and realised that there may not be enough space for both of the M sections and joined them into one.

The person who was to receive the code would know that the letter M was the key letter for each group.

Thus we have MTBIMPANETP but in fact, it really reads MTBI and a separate group of MPANETP.

Next, we move to the sequence MLIABOAIAQC but there wasn't enough room to insert the VTT after it so it was moved to the next line as follows: VTT MTSA MSAGAR Space on the page was etremely tight and that's why the lines were 'compressed'. 

Please note, the very last letter on the code page is not in our view the letter B but the letter R with a 'flourish' beneath it.

So, thus we have a 7 line code page and it is on this format that we carried out the acrostic decode exercise. The acrostic decoder we used for the Tibor Kaldor letter was of no use in this case as there were no words as such used on the code page.

The Decode

Letter positions can be fixed and then read from left to right or from right to left:​​​​​​, the numbering sequence relates to the poisiton of each letter within each of the numbered lines. D = Line 1, position # 1 READ Right to Left

D = Line 1, position # 1 READ Right to Left

A = Line 5, position # 6 READ Right to left

N= Line 4, position # 4 READ Left to Right

E= Line 4, position # 5 READ Left to Right

T = Line 3, position # 2 READ Left to Right

T = Line 7, position # 3 READ Left to Right

A = Line 5 position # 7 READ Left to Right


So, there we have it, a strict 7 number sequence linked to individual letters with the first two letters, D and A, being read from right to left and the remainder being read left to right, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7.

When you look critically at this arrangement you can see the logic that has been applied, the first letter is a known key and it commences the sequence which the other 6 letters must follow:

1 is by itself then 2 + 3, then 4 + 5 with 6 + 7 being the outer two numbers within which we find 2,3,4 and 5. It is relatively simple and straightforward.

​​​​​The question as to why it was done this way is this, it is thought that it was done to provide the reader with a confirmation that this a real message set, DANETTA was the authenticator in this case as it was in Tibor Kaldor's last letter.

Critically this decode only works when you arrange the 7 lines each of which begins with the letter M.

The fact that an authenticator is used shows the clandestine nature of the code page. This decode exercise does not affect the presence of micro written code that has been found on the page.